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What do we offer?

Our clients seek out audit services as a measure of insurance against high financial and fiscal risks to which they are exposed in the running of their basic activities. The audit services we are providing cover a wide range of areas of the same activity or of different activities, starting from basic auditing of the activity being carried out and up to the one of the entire information system, with the possibility of integrating the sub-systems in the system on a pyramidal structure. The audit, through its subject matter, consistency and quintessence offers to any managerial apparatus a degree of comfort and insurance against risks. The audit offers safety, a starting point for development and, of course, maximum usefulness.

We structured the audit services by analysing our clients’ requests as follows:

  • nternal audit
  • System audit & Integration of the system in the pyramid-like structure
  • Financial audit
  • Accounting audit
  • Transactions audit
  • External audit
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Internal audit protects the organisation and consolidates the decisions made at a higher hierarchic level. Its role has changed over time, becoming a key component of the decisional factor, successfully leading to the improvement of the control systems by minimising risks.

The functional system on which an organisation relies is the result of its sub-systems. The result is a functional one if its sub-systems are functional, too.

Our experts will help you identify the sub-systems, make them functional and integrate them, from the communication sub-systems to those concerning accounting, IT, verification, in order to look at the system from a pyramid-like level, a higher hierarchic one.

Converting the financial statements to an IFRS format (International Financial Standards) has become a necessity. Markets converge towards globalisation. Romania, as a recent EU member state, will have to take into account the conversion and the transposing of the financial statements to an IFRS system. Thus, you will know exactly which market sector you are addressing, which is your competiveness level and if the business is profitable by following European standards.

By analysing and checking the accounting data, you will have the certainty of the existence of the profit and of the business. The accounting audit gives the financial insurance of the activity, offering an image on the distance from the recognised and imposed standards.

The financial activity of the transactions, which is highly complex and is given by personalised indicators of the various sub-systems, requires assistance in reaching the financial goals set. Each aspect of the transactions requires separate treatment and professional analysis in order to guarantee their success.

From identifying the target to the certainty of the investment, you will be guided by our experts in order to make the best investment decision. External audit has as its starting point the internal audit (thus carrying out at the same time a verification of the implementation of the internal system) and will offer viable solutions which can become the basis for the future.

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