+ 600 customers
+ 50 Areas of activity
+ 17 years of service
+ 15 services provided
+ 5 senior management
+ 30 employees & third party professionals

What do we offer?

C&C Financial Services has as its main reason of existence its clients’ financial aims and benefits. The experience gathered by our employees, together with our clients, allows us to say that, at the basis of every business idea lays the PROFIT!

Our priority in all the services we offer is always the client’s profit. It is through profit that one business becomes distinct from another, that it develops and grows; the profit is the central point of any activity. By implementing our knowledge, which has been evaluated at the highest level by our clients in the activities they are carrying out, we validate the solutions which bestow value on the business in the long run.

  • Design and implementation of financial systems
  • Corporate financial consultancy
  • Consultancy for transactions
  • Business modelling
  • Risk management
  • Services for the improvement of financial performances
  • Management Reporting
  • Legal and juridical consultancy in the financial field
  • M&A services
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A financial system offers the basis for development. The prompt information offered allows our clients to develop, to be confident, to think of the future.

The existing systems can be improved. The systems implemented in organisations that are evolving may become obsolete from a certain point onward. We developed the financial consultancy service in order to provide our clients with information which, at times, the existence of the entire business might depend on.

Any transaction has as its object a financial component, a financial interest. We will always follow the financial interest of our clients, we will structure the steps, in our client’s best interest.

The business trajectory suggested by each client is plotted through financial-accounting levers.

A not-so-inspired decision might lead the business towards a descending slope. Together with our clients, we analyse the financial risks to which they are subjected and we try to avoid, to buffer their boomerang effects.

Business nature and human nature converge in the uniqueness of each client. The information offered is tailored to each one of them, successfully satisfying their need for information and their thirst for knowledge.

Intocmirea contractelor de parteneriat, de colaborare este consiliata si indreptata spre interesul clientilor nostri.

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