We help you grow your business

contabilitate Cluj

We were established in 2003, as a company with a fully Romanian share capital. Constantly evolving, we are today a team of 17 specialists, ready to offer you a complete and diversified range of financial services.

The key element of our development is the Pro Client attitude. With 17 years of experience in financial accounting, our senior partners meet the increasingly complex needs of the financial services market.

Each step towards developing and strengthening a business requires resources and identifying optimal, sometimes even unique, solutions.

The standards to which we adhere in offering these solutions integrate us into the European financial system. We are therefore a resource, an element that will add value to your company. That’s why we are convinced that we can help you in developing the business you run.


Our team is made up of a team of specialists working in the departments coordinated by the following managers:

Aurelian Dragoste

Operating Manager

Loredana Stupar

Financial Manager

Ovidiu Coruțiu

General Manager