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For more than 17 years we have been working with companies in various fields. We can certainly help you!


We are continuously informing about the legislation in force and keep you informed about its evolution, we adapt to changes and turn them into opportunities for you.

Because each client is unique in the nature of their business and the financial strategies they use, we have created unique technical solutions to help them grow. We have the necessary infrastructure to evolve with the market trend and the social factor, the technical base and of course productivity. As the basis of financial performance and the road to profit, productivity is also the key to controlling our clients’ business.

For you to have:

  • A high quality of document processing, without errors, on time and in accordance with legal requirements
  • Monthly and annual reports on your business to better understand how it is evolving and what decisions you need to make to drive it towards the goals you have set for it
  • Punctuality and accuracy in calculating taxes, so that you are always “up to date” with your payments to the state budget. Without worrying about fines or penalties.

We deal with:

  • Chronological and systematic recording in the accountancy according to the Romanian legislation of the documents submitted by the beneficiary and making these documents available to the beneficiary after registration;
  • Organization and monitoring of the financial and accounting records of the company;
  • Checking how primary documents are prepared and reporting any errors;
  • Preparation of the monthly balance sheet;
  • Preparation of mandatory accounting records required by the accounting law;
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements;
  • Preparation of tax returns (D010, D100, D112, D300, D390, D394) and related payment orders, as well as their submission to the Financial Administration

For you to:

  • Be able to focus on prioritizing financial transactions, as an element of the financial strategy you want to implement
  • Be able to focus your attention on specific activities in your company, especially those that directly influence productivity

We deal with:

  • Chronological recording of primary records;
  • Preparation of the house register;
  • Preparation of expense statements;
  • Preparation of payment/receipt orders;
  • Completion of disbursement sheets, payment orders;
  • Preparation of incoming-receipt notes.
  • Preparation of consumption receipts.

For you to:

  • Be able to use your working time more efficiently, for analyzing reports and making important decisions related to the objectives and development of the  company

We deal with:

  • Obtaining the VAT code;
  • Registration in the Register of Intra-Community Operators;
  • Collection of tax certificate;

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