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What do we offer?

In everything we do we try to offer our clients stability. Stability can be achieved through communicating information. This has to be prompt and correct. Financial strategies plotted for a business should not ignore legal taxes, their dynamics, as well as their pre-established internal and global trends. The impact of taxes on a business may determine the direction it is heading towards, their convergence making the difference between profit and loss.

Our experience, channelled towards the needs of our clients which come from the most diverse fields of activity, gives us the possibility of structuring the services we offer in the following manner:

  • Integration of the activity in the internal fiscal system
  • Identification and personalisation of the taxes pertaining to each activity being carried out
  • Corporate fiscal consultancy
  • Community fiscal consultancy services
  • Taxes pertaining to human capital
  • Legal representation in the relationship with the fiscal authorities
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The activities carried out by our clients belong to the most varied fields of activities. From commercial activities and transport or management services to advertising services, tourism, construction work, textile manufacturing, etc. Each activity has to be framed in the fiscal system in which it belongs, because for each such system there are specific rules and implementations.

Identifying and personalising the taxes pertaining to the activity being carried out. Personalised fiscal relaxation offers an advantage over the competitors. Our clients are the ones who accept the correctness and the letter of the law, for which we are trying to find the most advantageous fiscal solutions.

  • Inregistrarea cronologica a documentelor primare de evidenta;
  • Intocmirea registrului de casa;
  • Intocmirea deconturilor de cheltuieli;
  • Intocmirea dispozitiilor de plata/de încasare;
  • Completarea de foi de varsamant, ordine de plata;
  • Intocmirea de note de intrare-receptie.
  • Intocmire bonuri de consum.

A business may include various fields of activity, which are sometimes recorded separately from a fiscal point of view. We offer our clients a fiscal managerial dashboard. Making decisions based on this offers the business a positive outlook.

Romania is an EU member state, with obligations and rights that apply to all member states. These rights and obligations become noticeable for our clients who have intra-community acquisitions or who expand their activity on the European market.

The human capital is the base from which each organization starts and develops. The management of human resources has components in the fiscal area as well, which we identify for our clients. Confidentiality is the basis on which we have developed this service.

Because we have the required experience and knowledge, we offer our clients to represent them in their relationship with the fiscal authorities.

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Daca doriti sa ne contactati in legatura cu orice problema contabila sau fiscala, va rugam sa ne sunati la tel.: 0364 807 773 sau trimiteți-ne un e-mail . Daca doriti sa solicitati o oferta personalizata cereti oferta.